The physical exercising effect of golf is less than that of lawn mowing

In recent years, Korean golf population has risen. Then how much physical exercising effect does golf actually have? The number of golf course users in Korea has increased from 25.47 million in 2010 to 26.54 million in 2011, 29.51 million in 2013, and 32.04 million in 2014. While the total number has reached the 30 million mark, considering that one person visits golf courses several times, the current golf population of Korea is estimated to be a little more than 4 million. However, despite the population increase, the actual exercising effect of golf is not so high. According to the studies of Stanford University in the U.S., reported on the 7th, playing golf riding a cart is more than playing Frisbee but less than archery or juggling. Considering playing golf does not cause any sweating, it could be said that it has very little exercising effect. Practicing golf at a driving range only provides exercise effect of that of practicing Tai Chi for the same amount of time. Nevertheless, if you do not ride the cart, the total exercising effect increases by 50%. Even this is the same as having a light outdoor activity. In fact, when comparing the exercising activity of adults over age of 18 playing 9 hole golf and those who mowed lawn for 40 minutes, those who played golf consumed 310kcal while those who mowed lawn consumed 250kcal. Considering it took 2 hours and 30 minutes to play 9 hole golf, the consumed calories per unit time is considerably less. In other words, lawn mowing is a better work out. However, there are also positive effects lawn mowing provides. In 2011, a research has shown that seniors who play golf has shown better body balance and higher confidence in health compared to those who didn’t. Although golf may not be the most effective sports to enhance the level of health, it helps psychologically.