weight of the grip

The weight of the grip is between 32 and 60 grams. While it may vary on the model, it is generally from 40 to 55 grams. Recently the grip has become lighter following the trend of lowering the total weight by using graphite shafts. Prior to changing the grip, it is important to know the weight of the grip on the golf club. Taking the grip off the club an measuring it on the electronic scale is a good way of figuring out. To maintain the weight of the golf club, it is important to find a grip with similar weight. When the grip is changed to one with less weight, the swing weight increases as the head weight becomes relatively heavier. On the other hand, when heavier grip is used, the swing weight becomes lighter. The sing weight changes 1 level for every 4 grams of grip weight change. (For instance, if the 50 gram grip is changed to a 46 gram grip, the swing weight increases from D1 to D2). When changing the grip, the weight should be within 4 gram difference. 1 level change can only be felt by sensitive golfers. Therefore, you should compare the standard weight when selecting a grip.