Selecting the Golf Club

First, the shaft is the most important when selecting the right club
The shaft consists the most important part of a golf club
The shaft is categorized as X, S, R, A, and L, from the strongest to weakest. Using a stronger shaft doesn’t mean the ball travels further. The weight of a graphite is half of that of a steel, which provides high repulsive power to improve shot distance. Steel may enhance shot direction as it has less torsion when swinging.
Second, how to select the right head
The round or flat shaped metal touching the ground is called ‘the head’. The head is also distinguished between casting and forging. Casting is a manufacturing process which pours the molten metal into a mold while forging hammers the heated metal into a certain shape. The loft is the angle of the clubface as it is positioned on the shaft. Amateur golfers may have no problem using a driver over 11 degrees. Beginners are recommended to avoid using muscle back type heads. Oversize heads expands the sweet spot while losing little distance.
Third, the grip is important
The grip influences the feeling of the shot significantly. It is recommended that golfers with sweaty hands use rubber grips, whole those with dry hands use the thread grip. If the grip is too thin, it may cause hooks due to overuse of the wrist. On the other hand, if the grip is too thick, it may interrupt the feeling of the head, and cause slices that decreases shot distance.